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“Rift: Who Wants to be my Friend?” or “You Want That Ember Steed or Not?”

July 22, 2011 4 comments

Alright, so Trion has rolled out a recruit-a-friend program for early adopters (founders) of Rift, and you can gift a free copy to one of your friends, and Ascend them.

For every friend you gift, you get Courage, a (vanity?) pet, then a spiffy hat for the second, and a kick-ass mount called the Ember Steed for your third. You can find additional details here.

So: who wants to be my friend?

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“The Motherload of Skyrim Screenshots” or “Most Anticipated Game o- *drool*”

July 22, 2011 6 comments

Courtesy of Attack of the Fanboy, here is a collection of a ton of screenshots from the latest Elder Scrolls title: Skyrim. Considering I played Oblivion and Morrowind more hours than I thought were humanly possible to spend in one game, I am guessing Skyrim will be the end of me.

The following two screenshots are the latest ones, as pointed out to me via this tweet, the gallery below is all the imagesĀ  could find up to now.

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