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“Deus Ex: Human Experience” or “(also the other announcement)”

September 6, 2011 4 comments

Deus Ex: Human Experience

Tobold had a post up recently about whether the choice in Deus Ex to take the violent or the pacifist route in Deus Ex: Human Revolution really exists if one choice nets you considerably more reward (XP). While I can see where he is coming from (based on a video review), I don’t necessarily agree with it.

I think the experience in Deus Ex is designed to reward the time invested in a task, not necessarily the choice made. Allow me to elaborate with a few examples:

  • If you have discovered the code to the secret cache of weapons, you can simply enter the code and get your grubby paws on the epic loot, and it takes next to no time to enter said code. However, if you instead take the time to play the hacking mini-game, disconnect when you think you won’t win, and persistently keep at it until you hack and thus unlock it, you get an experience bonus. Your choice to invest time in arriving at the solution netted you the extra XP.
  • Within the hacking mini-game, if you invest the additional time to capture data nodes, you can earn credits, bonus XP or the very useful Nuke or Worm viruses. Alternatively, if you choose NOT to invest the time, you can just capture the end node and be done a lot quicker.
  • If you have to get to the penthouse apartment, you can go in guns blazing, killing everything in your path, and it shouldn’t take you all that long to get there. However, if you decided to explore for an alternate means to get in, you will discover hidden walls, vents, and ladders that will lead to hidden areas which will sneak you into the building, but this process of finding the route will take time and effort. However, the more routes you discover, the more bonus XP you net. Once again, your time investment is rewarded.
  • If you choose to kill a bunch of guards, you will get some XP for taking them out. But if you choose to invest time again, observe their patrol paths, determine the weaknesses in their perimeter and determine fields of vision for a well-timed takedown, the game will award you more XP.

The only XP bonus that does not fall into this category is the “Expedient” bonus that nets you 20 XP every time you use a non-lethal takedown. The extra bonus, as a reader on Tobold’s site pointed out, will net you an extra Praxis (upgrade) point after 176 successful non-lethal takedowns, so the 20 XP bonus isn’t that massive to begin with, but it has no counterpart in the lethal variety, which makes the non-lethal takedown the logical, if less fun, choice.

My point is that choice doesn’t work independently in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Time invested plays an equally important role, and the rewards, for the most part, are justified.

(also the other announcement)

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