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“I’ve Got Good News” or “I’ve Also Got Bad News”

I’ve Got Good News

Via WoW Insider, this is an incredible video of World of Warcraft recreated in MineCraft, and appropriately titled: Mine of WorldCraft. It hits closer to the heart because the player transmorgifies into a T2 Judgement Paladin, and the starting zone is Northshire. Brilliant!

I’ve Also Got Bad News

Blizzard will not announce it’s MMO at Blizzcon, so M2 Research senior analyst Billy Pidgeon, who predicted that this would happen, can suck it.

They will likely announce a Diablo 3 release date though!

  1. October 4, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    Keep in mind that Blizzard is famous for “negating the evidence”. They usually try to change subject, leave questions unanswered and almost always answer “no way” to the most wanted things/features/changes. Wow is a good example of that (gender change, faction change, PvE to PvP realm transfer, flying mounts on Azeroth, …).

    I don’t know but… if they do NOT announce “something” well, this Blizzcon will be annoying as hell. Unless you go for costumes and Fuuuuuuuu Fighters.

    • October 4, 2011 at 5:49 pm

      Well actually they don’t say “no way”, they say either “We’ll look into that” or “when it’s done!”

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