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“Baron Geddon Bomb” or “The Great Plague of Zul’Gurub”

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I was just having a discussion about how some of the greater developers in the world cannot counter a massive player-base always looking for new and creative ways to enjoy the game. Even at the expense of others. Two examples were particularly significant in this regard, and since my peer was a player since the vanilla days, he too had stories of the following two horrors.

Baron Geddon Bomb

Baron Geddon was the fifth boss in Molten Core, sixth if you were feeling particularly adventurous, and decided to pull Shazzrah before Geddon. Geddon had a particularly disruptive ability called “Living Bomb“, which would attach a bomb to a random player and explode him for massive damage (by vanilla standards) to him and nearby allies. This was the number one cause of wipes on Baron Geddon, aside from the constant AoE that required your tanks to be in FR gear. The problem was that this ability could also target pets, particularly warlock pets. It takes eight seconds between the ability being applied to a target and the target exploding. A warlock could dismiss his or her pet in two seconds.

Do I really need to explain this any further? I do. Alright, watch the video below:


As you can see, this was a source for immense enjoyment for certain nefarious individuals that particularly revel in the plight and misery of others. Do you have any stories of the Baron Geddon Bombs?

The Great Plague of Zul’Gurub

Regardless of when you started playing World of Warcraft, this is one story that would be hard to miss. Hell, even the BBC did a story on it. The newly launched Zul’Gurub instance was 20-man zone that pit you against the Blood-God Hakkar and his various minions and disciples. The fight with Hakkar was, by today’s post-dance-dance-central WoW, a fairly straight-forward affair. During the fight Hakkar applied a debuff called “Corrupted Blood” that had a 100% transmission rate to nearby allies and did periodic damage. The debuff would wear off, but since it transferred to nearby allies with each tick, two players standing in close proximity could juggle the plague indefinitely. Now imagine, instead of two players, there were a hundred players. In a major capital city.

Do I need to show you a video for this one as well? Fine!


Needless to say the plague was debilitating, with the casualties in the several thousands on the servers where the plague took root. Blizzard had to shut down some servers to get rid of the epidemic. In fact, in 2007, Ran D Balicer, an epidemiologist physician at the Ben-Gurion University in Israel, published an article in the journal Epidemiology describing the similarities between this outbreak and the recent SARS and avian influenza outbreaks.

Can anyone think of other example from WoW or other MMOs? Those are the examples that immediately came to mind.

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