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“The Elder Scrolls Online Announced!” or “Captain Obvious in the Hizzouse!”

Tracey Thompson, the PR Lady Extraordinaire (probably not her real title) over at Bethesda Softworks sent out a blast email this afternoon, officially announcing an Elder Scrolls MMO. I know some think this was inevitable and this email almost seems like a sneak attack by Captain Obvious, but I am tingly all over!

The game is being developed for both Mac and PC (/points at consoles, /laughs), under the leadership of one Matt Firor. Further details will be revealed in GameInformer (what is with this magazine and exclusives?) cover story for their June 2012 issue.

For those keeping score, the last Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, was released less than six months ago, and has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

“Meet Mark: Publisher Critic” or “Finally Someone Says it Out Loud!”

May 3, 2012 2 comments

No pin intended!

I don’t hate publishers. I think hate is a very strong word. But I think the larger a publisher grows, the more it feels it can interfere, influence or even dictate developer decisions, features and timelines. I am probably wrong, but I don’t think a developer has just come out and said it point blank.

Mark Cern, the CEO over at Red 5 Studios, developers of the upcoming F2P MMO Firefall said that the pressures put on the developers by the publishers is death to the video game industry. He cites the very valid example of Riot Games, whose smash hit MOBA game, League of Legends, has no publisher, but has more concurrent users playing it than World of Warcraft. Yes Mark, that is kind of bananas!

I for one salute the man. It takes courage to state in no uncertain terms: “Who needs publishers any more? I certainly don’t. I couldn’t care less about them at this stage”.

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