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“Can We Please Be Adults About Leaks?” or “Gamers Aren’t Idiots You Know”

May 31, 2012 Leave a comment

I need to get the following thought off of my chest: please stop referring to glossy, high-resolution screenshots, official documents, and trailers as “leaked” materials. Us gamers are not idiots, we know most of the time it is the developer trying to generate hype while maintain the (foolish) facade of not “sharing any crucial information until we are ready”. It seems every time I turn around, there is some new piece of news one of the gaming sites, claiming that the dozen or so 1600×1200, 300 DPI screenshots were leaked. For the love of god!

Here is an example: Leaked Copernicus Screens Look Like a Futuristic World of Warcraft

Are you kidding me? For those of you who are not aware of the Curt Schilling/38 Studios fiasco, here is a brief primer. 38 Studios was formed (originally as Green Monster Games) back in 2006 by former baseball player Curt Schilling. In 2009, 38 Studios even acquired Big Huge Games. Big Huge Games released one of my favorite RPGs this year: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. This helped further establish the groundwork for their ultimate project, codenamed Copernicus, a AAA MMO. Rhode Island promised $75 million dollars to lure 38 Studios to Providence, in exchange for creating jobs. The company defaulted on their latest loan payment, due on May 1. 38 Studios employees were stiffed on their salaries, and now apparently laid off. Harsh words were changed left, right and center, and the future of Copernicus seems bleak indeed.

Please understand that I loved Kingdoms, and I would really like to see Copernicus made and be successful. But this is not a leak. 38 Studios employees should be on mountain tops, screaming about Copernicus, sharing every image, beta video, and juicy morsel of information they can on the MMO. Calling it a leak is just annoying.

So, can we please be adults about this?