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“Invulnerable Minions are Ridiculous” or “A List of Suggested Changes to Diablo 3”

June 8, 2012 6 comments

I am in Act 3 of Hell right now. My Witch Doctor has nearly 39,000 health, and despite a Zombie Bear build that tears through monsters, still seems to be a glass cannon! Couple that with some of the craziest combinations for rare and elite mobs (Vortex, Electrified, Mortar anyone), and the fact that they regenerate their health after you die, makes for a very frustrating experience. Just when I thought this game could not get any tougher, I came across invulnerable minions. What the hell are those things?! Invulnerable minions? Are you kidding me? The pack was an “Arcane Enchanted, Frozen, Invulnerable Minions” pack. So they spawned frost orbs that exploded for massive frost damage and froze you for a few seconds, purple orbs that spun lasers of doom that could decapitate you in a few seconds, and the main elite’s minions were completely impervious to any damage!

My solution, 9 times out of 10, has been to restart that part of the game. Why? Because Invulnerable Minions are bullshit!

Here is a short list of changes I would like to see made to Diablo 3. It is an evolving list, that I will eventually post on the Blizzard forums hoping for a response. Please let me know if you feel there are others that should be added:

  1. As a Witch Doctor, it is very frustrating to see my pet (or even followers) to charge into battle. If I see a rare or elite mob off screen, I would ideally want some preparation time to deal with its unique set of abilities. However, this preparation is completely negated by the fact that I have no control over my pets, followers or minions.
  2. Invulnerable minions are ridiculous. I am still able to combat a few of them because of my AoE abilities as a Witch Doctor, but I’d imagine they are hell to deal with for projectile based classes such as Demon Hunter or Wizard. I don’t know how to fix them, but if my first instinct is to just reload, something went wrong somewhere.
  3. There should be a “Spec Manager” or “Build Saver”. I find switching out frequently. It would be very helpful if we had an option to save a fe of our favorite build templates.
  4. On the Auction House, we should be able to search for an item (regardless of quality) by name.
  5. On the Auction House, with the search results, there should be more than five pages to scroll through at the bottom. There is plenty of space to do so.
  6. On the Auction House, the auctions and bids should be in separate tabs. The top portion is easy to scroll through, because the limit is 10 auctions. But you could have hundreds of bids.
  7. On the Auction House, we should get more options to filter items by sorting them by tables.
  8. On the Auction House, there should be filters to “not have” some stats. So if you wanted to search for gear with intel and vit, but no dex or str, you could.


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