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“DayZ Headslot Items Guide” or “Binoculars, Rangefinders and Night Vision Goggles”

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DayZ has three items in the head slot. You start with none of them, but you can acquire them as you ransack loot areas.


  • These are pretty easy to find, and exist in most residential areas, and stores.
  • It is as common as a map, compass or a watch.
  • You can use your binoculars by pressing B.
  • Binoculars can be used standing up, crouching, or prone.
  • You can move sideways in small fractions and you will not zoom out, but move too much, and you will go back to first or third person before looking through the binoculars again.


  • The rangefinders are extremely rare.
  • They are normally found in high-yield military areas.
  • Rangefinders replace your binoculars and function exactly in the same way.
  • The numbers that pop up in the rangefinders is the precise distance in meters from you to the whatever the cross-hairs in the rangefinder vision is pointing at.

Night Vision Goggles

  • The night vision goggles are also very difficult to find.
  • They are normally found in helicopter crash sites and high-yield military areas.
  • You can use your night vision goggles by pressing N.
  • You can use the night vision goggles and the binoculars at the same time.
  • Sometimes, especially during changing light conditions, your eyes will take a little time to adjust to putting on or taking off the night vision goggles.
  • The only sniper rifle that works with the night vision goggles is the DMR. All other sniper rifles, when scoped, will remove the night vision effect.
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