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“Another Post-Apocalyptic Title Announced” or “Is it Christmas Already?!”

August 31, 2012 1 comment

There is a new one. It’s called Nuclear Dawn. Its being developed by Best Way. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world. So what do we have so far?

  • DayZ
  • WarZ
  • Ravaged
  • State of Decay
  • Nuclear Dawn
  • The Last of Us
  • Metro 2034

Ah yes. This is beautiful. We have a ton of post-apocalyptic titles coming out in the next few months/quarters, and I couldn’t be happier. What a great time to be a fan of the Post Apocalyptic genre.

“Blizzard Bans Iranian Players” or “Here is a Question Blue”

August 30, 2012 2 comments

Via Joystiq, Blizzard confirms that players in Iran have been denied access to Blizzard servers to play any of their games. This is allegedly part of a larger strategy to make the company, based in the US, more compliant with US laws and regulations. The US currently imposes various economic and political sanctions on Iran because of its controversial nuclear program. As such, Blizzard is refraining from engaging in any trade or economic activity with residents of the country.

Can you imagine how many WoW players just put their fists through their monitors?

This is probably¬† smart move, but there is a part that really annoyed me. Big Blue is unable to provide “refunds, credits, transfers, or other service options to accounts”. For a company that made a hundred billion and stupid thousand dollars from its games, it seems strange to me that it was OK to take money from people when they were buying your games. Was that not engaging in economic trade with Iran and its residents? If that too was wrong, shouldn’t you return said money? Note that I am not trying to support the dickhead regime that believes the holocaust didn’t happen, just saying it isn’t really the players’ fault.

“Secret World’s Secret’s Out” or “Raging Ragnar”

August 29, 2012 2 comments

It is a sad day when an MMO, especially one that has been in development for almost a decade, that generated so much hype, and that had so much potential, seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons.

According to Funcom’s Q2 2012 financial report, The Secret World has been purchased by over 200,000 players so far, a number far below the 700,000 sold for Age of Conan in its first months. The report claims several initiatives are being launched to attract a bigger base to the game, but the ugly truth is self-evident: The Secret World has failed to garner the following that it frankly deserved.

It is unfortunate really. I have yet to try The Secret World. This is not because I am waiting for more reviews, or because I am trying to sidestep the early adopter blues. I simply don’t have the time to invest in another MMO. I was hoping that post-summer I could clear up my schedule a little and give this and Guild Wars 2 some time and see what all the raving lunatics are scream on about. The Secret World has been given a very respectable mid-70’s overall score by critics, and a more grounded mid-80s score by players on Clearly, years of hard work and dedication to creating something unique yet familiar, novel yet adaptable, organic yet linear has paid off. But despite everything that the studio did, somehow it was not enough. I suppose that is the nature of the business, sometimes no matter how hard you try, it simply won’t stick.

I will do a full-blown review and try to dent what I can when I try it, but as it stands, it seems that The Secret World is done for. And it is yet another nail in the paid subscription era’s coffin.

“It is a Great Time to be a Post-Apocalyptic Fan” or “My Hopes Are (For) Ravaged!”

August 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Ah yes, what a wonderful time to be a gamer. And within gaming, what a wonderful time to be a fan of the post-apocalyptic genre! Reverb Publishing has announced that it will publish yet another kickstarted game by 2Dawn Games, a PC shooter by the name of Ravaged. Minor details and trailer after the jump.

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“The Undead Plague Video Games” or “DayZ Really Seems to Have Released the Virus”

August 23, 2012 Leave a comment


DayZ’s popularity is undeniable. From hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos to million and some change players running and gunning for their lives in the 225 square kilometers of the fictional state of Chenarussia, DayZ has taken the industry by storm. I would even go on to say it is the new MineCraft. It is novel. It is a lot of fun to play. It redefines open-ended. And it allows you to set a goal and follow it without any one telling you to do it.

However, this foray by Dean “Rocket” Hall into the post-apocalyptic zombie-survival genre also seems to have had the fringe benefit of snowballing this little niche. Promptly after the mod gaining immense popularity, came the WarZ reveal. The equally silly-named title claims to have little to do with DayZ, and the work on it so far seems to indicate that this may well be the case. My guess would be that they rushed the reveal, fearful that they might be pegged as copycats the longer the delayed the announcement. So after gilding the lily a little, some screenshots and a makeshift website was released. But then again, this is all conjecture on my part. The point is that I don’t think we would have heard of WarZ so quickly, if DayZ had not existed.

And now we have another contender entering the ring. State of Decay is an open-world zombie survival game that has vehicles, a ton of guns, vicious zombies and ridiculously over-the-top action. It actually sort of sounds like Undead Labs’ zombie MMo codenamed Class3, doesn’t it? Well that is because it is Class3. The MMO is no longer. This is what remains. Instead of trying to tell you how clunky the animation looks, or how good the world looks because of CryEngine, why don’t you just take a look yourself?

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“City of Steam Alpha Key Giveaway” or “A 3D MMO in Your Browser!”

August 16, 2012 7 comments


I have ten alpha keys for City of Steam. I have a full preview pending over on Hooked Gamers, but suffice it to say, the game already shows a lot of promise and polish. The alpha is only available this weekend and can be accessed via your browser (the game uses Unity’s engine). So if you want to spend some time testing out a great little title in alpha, Saturday through Monday morning, just leave a comment below by Friday night. I will pick 10 at random, or if there are less than 10 comments, everyone will get a key!



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Quote of the Day: “Poetic Houghton” or “Unique as a Snowflake”

August 15, 2012 Leave a comment

“Trailer for new PS3-exclusive Rain is as unique, beautiful and sad as a clinically depressed snowflake.”


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“Team Fortress 2’s Massive New Update” or “Giant Robots. With Giant Miniguns. That Fire Rockets”

August 15, 2012 Leave a comment


What a great time to be a gamer. Team Fortress 2, the now completely free-to-play war-themed hat-simulator from Valve is getting a major update: A third faction. Of robots. That you can Co-op against! WHAT?! That is bananas. I love Team Fortress 2, and Steam tells me I have clocked in over 200 hours into this game and if I might say so myself, I am pretty damn good at it. Team Fortress 2 is that rare “perfect” game, that has been balanced and honed over many years to craft an exquisite player experience (the new map Doomsday notwithstanding). So I never expected that they would actually take this big a step.



In addition, they have been teasing this for nearly two years now:



Then the comic was released, that finally featured the third of the Mann brothers, complete with his own sinister agenda. You can also download the comic as a PDF document. And finally, Valve used their own Source Filmmaker to make the official announcement. There is a third faction. It is made up of robots versions of the nine classes in the game. You can team Red and Blu up against said third faction.



It’s called the Mann vs. Machine mode. “United, we can fight the Metal Menace” claims Valve new Team Fortress 2 page dedicated to this update. Here are some cool facts:

  • Robots, when killed, explode in a shower of money. Said money can be used in Upgrade Station, which is exactly what it sounds like.
  • There are five canteens that provide different boots. Ubercharge gives five seconds of personal invincibility, Critical Hit Boost gives full critical hit power fopr five seconds, Ammo/Clip Refill is an instant ammo refill canteen, Return to Base ports you to home base, and Buildings upgrades helps get those level 3 buildings up in a jiffy.
  • All classes have various upgrades available to help fight the robot menace better. See spy link below, or visit this link for more info in each class.
  • There are two new maps, Coaltown and Mannworks.
  • The robots are based on the nine main classes, but they have sub-classes. Bowman is a sniper-bot that uses a bow and an arrow. The Sydney Sniper shoots Jarate coated darts.
  • The robots are trying to destroy facilities in the two maps. Some will be carrying bombs. the longer they are alive, the more powerful they get in stages. Stage 1 is a defensive buff, 2 is health regeneration and 3 is never-ending full critical hits. And yes, they stack!
  • There are robot giants.
  • There are robot giants.
  • One giant robot uses a massive minigun. That fires rockets.
  • Sentry busters are armored bombs on two legs that beeline for sentries.


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“Fallen Earth: Recommended Resources” or “Steam’s Sultry Seduction”

August 13, 2012 2 comments

I gave in to my need for some MMO indulgence, and Steam’s incessant need to flash me with the free-to-play titles that they feature, a list that is expanding at a fairly respectable pace. So I installed Fallen Earth, I played the tutorial and I got into the first town. And then nothing made sense! There are so many buttons, so many menu items, interface windows and sub-systems that I felt thoroughly overwhelmed. I was even given like 10 new skills without warning or explanation, apparently they are temporary and will go away when I level up with my real abilities, but the whole thing is a little daunting.

So here is my question. For those of you who play Fallen Earth, what resource sites would you recommend? I am a big believer in doing background research and using third-party tools/information to help craft my player experience. Help a brother out?!

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Image of The Day: “Manly Mario” or “Mario in the 21st Century”

August 8, 2012 1 comment

I have no words, except to say you should thank me for finding this epic image!

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“DayZ Hits One Million Players” or “Another Way To Look At DayZ Statistics”

August 7, 2012 Leave a comment

I was bored at work today, so I played around with the statistics on the DayZ page, and came up with the following. Enjoy!

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“DayZ: How to Survive In the Wilderness” or “Hate Cities?”

August 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Technically, the image above should suffice for the complete guide, but for the sake of thoroughness and the ire of brevity, let us also talk it to death.

To survive in the wilderness, you need food, water, fire and medicine. That’s it. If you have these four things (and associated combination of items), you will never need anything else.


Canned food sucks, though it is better than nothing. It gives you four times less blood than cooked meat (200 vs 800), and you will need to go into a building in or near a town in order to get it. If you can secure a hatchet (or woodpile), a skinning knife and a box of matches, always cook and eat meat from the wilderness. The following animals can be killed for corresponding amounts of meat:

  • Cow – 8
  • Sheep – 5
  • Boar – 4
  • Goat – 3
  • Chicken – 1
  • Rabbit – 1

Step 1: Unless you are certain no one is nearby, equip your hatchet (right click it in toolbelt and click remove from toolbelt), to silently kill the animal, or use a silenced weapon. Use your skinning knife to get the meat. You will need to pick up the meat as the next step, it will not automatically transfer to your inventory.

Step 2: You need wood. You can pick up woodpiles as loot. Or if you have a hatchet, you can chop up some wood. Wood can only be shopped from forests, which is dense foliage. You can’t walk up to any tree in s small cluster (or by itself) and expect it will yield wood. If the tree is not part of what the game thinks is a forest, you will get an error message instead of a woodpile.

Step 3: Once you have the wood and the meat, find a safe spot to build a fire since it can be seen from quite a distance. Right click the box of matches in your inventory and build a campfire. If you don’t have a woodpile, you will get an error message. Otherwise you will build a campfire directly underneath your character, so you may need to move to see it.

Step 4: Light it by interacting with the campfire via mousewheel. Place all uncooked meat in your main inventory (you can’t cook it is it is in your backpack). Cook the meat by interacting with the lit campfire via mousewheel. Your raw meat will transform into cooked meat in your inventory, you never have to actually take it out or anything. Put out the fire by interacting with it via mousewheel.

Step 5: Profit.

You should aim to have 2-4 cooked meats on you at all point. Try to get more stocked up if you have just one left. Don’t panic if your meter starts flashing and you have no food, it will be a while before you die from it. Get your shit together and figure it out.


Soda cans suck. They take up space in your inventory unnecessarily, when water requirements should ideally take up only one space in your inventory via a refillable canteen. Practically speaking, you should have 2-3 canteens filled at all times, and drink soda whenever you find it. But as a bare minimum, if you have a canteen, you can fill it from the dozens of fresh water sources on the map and never need to go into town looking for soda.

To fill water, step up to a water source (a fresh water pond or lake) and right click the canteen, then click fill water. You can also fill water from water sources in towns, but the idea of this guide is to never go back to civilization!


If you read “Food” above, you already have fire. Your temperature will drop at night and in the rain, if it gets too low, you will need to warm up. You can do that by applying a heatpack (unnecessary waste of space – but good if you are not sure if you are safe), or by sitting a while at a campfire you build.


The above graphic shows morphine and antibiotics. But there are also bandages, epi-pens, blood bags and painkillers.

Bandages fit in your secondary inventory, and you should always have two on you.

You only need an epi-pen to be used on others. Feel free to carry one in your main inventory to help someone, or for them to take it out of your backpack and help you if you get knocked unconscious, but it is not necessary as far as I am concerned.

You should always have at least 2-4 morphine auto-injectors in your inventory. Broken bones from zombies are rare, but they can happen. Broken bones from gunshots will kill you 90% of the time, so that is not a major concern.

If you get infected, you will cough frequently, constantly giving away your position. Antibiotics are EXTREMELY hard to come by, and very rarely spawn, so be careful. Since you get infected very rarely (I have never been), carrying one does not hurt.

Blood bags require help from another player and take up unnecessary space. You can keep one, if you fall below 3,000 health (implying you will randomly lose consciousness). But for me, easting a few cooked meats boosts me back up close to 12,000. If not, hunt down some more animals. Self-sufficiency is a blessed thing.

Finally, you can keep a set of painkillers on you, but aside from moderately affecting your first-person aim (and that too sparingly), it won’t kill you. It can be annoying though, so this one is really your call.

Hope this was useful people!

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“Resident Evil 6 Stole My Idea!” or “A Cool Spin on Endgame”

August 1, 2012 3 comments


Stop tryin’a kill me Bob!

Well they didn’t steal it. I have been thinking about a variation of this idea for a bit, but never really got a chance to wrap my head around it, much less put it into words. A new mode in the upcoming Resident Evil 6, called “Agent Hunt” will allow you to enter other players’ games, possibly as one of the infected, and try to kill them.

Imagine playing the game, not knowing if the next enemy you come across will behave predictably, as guided by the “smart AI”, or it will be an actual player, ducking, moving and behaving humanly, trying to flank you, trap you, and kill you. Now that is very, very, very cool! To ensure you don’t get trolled or completely caught off guard, you will be informed when another player enters your game (though you won’t know who or what he is), and you can also turn off the ability for players to enter your game if you want.

Now stretch this idea for a moment, and imagine if in MMOs, other players could enter your dungeon, take over the body of one of the monsters, and try to kill you. Now that would be some awesome MMO design!

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