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“Fallen Earth: Recommended Resources” or “Steam’s Sultry Seduction”

I gave in to my need for some MMO indulgence, and Steam’s incessant need to flash me with the free-to-play titles that they feature, a list that is expanding at a fairly respectable pace. So I installed Fallen Earth, I played the tutorial and I got into the first town. And then nothing made sense! There are so many buttons, so many menu items, interface windows and sub-systems that I felt thoroughly overwhelmed. I was even given like 10 new skills without warning or explanation, apparently they are temporary and will go away when I level up with my real abilities, but the whole thing is a little daunting.

So here is my question. For those of you who play Fallen Earth, what resource sites would you recommend? I am a big believer in doing background research and using third-party tools/information to help craft my player experience. Help a brother out?!

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  1. Bede
    August 13, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    The Fallen Earth forums are probably your most reliable and up to date resource, forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/746-/. That link should take you to the index page. From there I recommend you check out the New Player FAQs and Guides. The Ultimate Guide to Fallen Earth is a reasonable resource though a little preachy and prescriptive. This character planner is the most reliable one tho not really complete through all the mutation skills, http://warungqita.com/planner/, but a careful reading of the tool tips (in the extended version ) will give you a good idea of how Ability Points are spent to acquire different skill levels and the cost associated.

    The best single piece of advice I can give you is test out the weapon skills , melee, pistol and rifle, early in your career and pick one that you are most comfortable with, before you get to level 10. Respecs are expensive!

    Fallen Earth is quite the adventure, and I hope you enjoy your time in that world.



  2. August 13, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    Last I checked, there were actually a couple of very nice “new player guides” in the official forums (under the new player FAQs and Guides section).

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