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“Secret World’s Secret’s Out” or “Raging Ragnar”

It is a sad day when an MMO, especially one that has been in development for almost a decade, that generated so much hype, and that had so much potential, seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons.

According to Funcom’s Q2 2012 financial report, The Secret World has been purchased by over 200,000 players so far, a number far below the 700,000 sold for Age of Conan in its first months. The report claims several initiatives are being launched to attract a bigger base to the game, but the ugly truth is self-evident: The Secret World has failed to garner the following that it frankly deserved.

It is unfortunate really. I have yet to try The Secret World. This is not because I am waiting for more reviews, or because I am trying to sidestep the early adopter blues. I simply don’t have the time to invest in another MMO. I was hoping that post-summer I could clear up my schedule a little and give this and Guild Wars 2 some time and see what all the raving lunatics are scream on about. The Secret World has been given a very respectable mid-70’s overall score by critics, and a more grounded mid-80s score by players on MetaCritic.com. Clearly, years of hard work and dedication to creating something unique yet familiar, novel yet adaptable, organic yet linear has paid off. But despite everything that the studio did, somehow it was not enough. I suppose that is the nature of the business, sometimes no matter how hard you try, it simply won’t stick.

I will do a full-blown review and try to dent what I can when I try it, but as it stands, it seems that The Secret World is done for. And it is yet another nail in the paid subscription era’s coffin.

  1. August 31, 2012 at 3:59 am

    I missed the game at launch and it was the publicity around the disappointing sales numbers that caught my attention. I took advantage of a 3 day free trial and was drawn into the game.
    It has a very strong story and atmosphere. It does an excellent job of hiding the “kill 10 zombies” quests.
    I have yet to explore any of the official group content, but a friendly player base makes adhoc grouping to handle tough fights easy to find.
    The skill system is a game in its own right, as I explore different ways of balancing my character.
    It is indeed a shame that a game with originality and polish has received such lackluster sales

  2. August 31, 2012 at 6:50 am

    i hear ya; no time to play at all these days..
    looking forward to pick-up-and-play games like borderlands 2 in sept

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