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“The Walking Dead: Episode 2” or “One of the Coolest Moments I Have Experienced”

September 7, 2012 1 comment

You know you had a great gaming moment when you, sit there, mouth open, and just whisper “Awesome!” to nobody in particular. Lee was at the farm, mending fences (literally and figuratively), along with Mark. At one point they have to step out of the fence to try and lift the posts back into place because one zombie knocked it down as it fried.

Three things happen in quick succession.

  1. The electricity is turned on, and the fence goes live. Lee and Mark are trapped outside.
  2. Mark is nailed in the shoulder with an arrow. Assailants in the forest start raining arrows down on both Lee and Mark.
  3. Lee and Mark hide behind a tractor and push it as moving cover to get to an opening in the fence. The torso of a zombie that Lee has just torn in half chases them.

It is tense, it is heart-thumping and it is terrifying. It was also one of the best moments I have had recent gaming history. Well done Telltale Games!

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