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“I’ve Got Good News” or “I’ve Also Got Bad News”

September 29, 2011 2 comments

I’ve Got Good News

Via WoW Insider, this is an incredible video of World of Warcraft recreated in MineCraft, and appropriately titled: Mine of WorldCraft. It hits closer to the heart because the player transmorgifies into a T2 Judgement Paladin, and the starting zone is Northshire. Brilliant!

I’ve Also Got Bad News

Blizzard will not announce it’s MMO at Blizzcon, so M2 Research senior analyst Billy Pidgeon, who predicted that this would happen, can suck it.

They will likely announce a Diablo 3 release date though!

Images of the Day: “Full of Fail” or “Full of Win”

September 19, 2011 4 comments

Can you guess which is which?

Looks like the balance of power lies somewhere around the crotch area.

Click to enlarge

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Image of the Day: “Real World MineCraft” or “This Photo Took Some Effort”

August 20, 2011 1 comment

I have no words. Except for these words. In retrospect, I have a few words!

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“Bronte’s MineCraft Tips – Part I” or “Oh God, It Burns!”

June 15, 2011 1 comment

This article from Gameranx prompted me to compile a short list of my own tips for MineCraft, since I have been playing around in that sandbox for quite some time.

Fire Burns Wood, Duh

Yes, but what you may not realize is how fast it spreads. Wood and fire, together, bad idea. My worst night in MineCraft was a direct result of the above. Patch 1.6 fixes this problem to some extent, but even then, don’t place a perpetual lava pool or start a fire of any sort within several blocks of your nice wood abode.

Transparency is your Friend

One of the things I like doing when building my house is to install glass blocks in the middle of the ceiling and in the middle height block around the perimeter walls. This has two purposes. First, it provides natural lighting during the day hours. And it is easy to spot any dangers immediately outside your house at night time. Which brings me to torches.

Come on Baby, Light my Torch

That sounded dirty. Seriously though, place torches on the outer surfaces of the house, it illuminates the space immediately around your home, and allows you to see those damn creepers lurking about. The glass blocks above should help.

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“Jeepers Creepers” or “The Worst Night I Had in MineCraft”

May 6, 2011 6 comments

Last night playing MineCraft solo, I had the worst experience of my life. For those of you who don’t know what MineCraft is, get a friend to help you with that rock you’re stuck under. Granted I too got into MineCraft relatively recently, but at least I knew about it. The point is that anyone who plays MineCraft knows that ‘learning how to play’ is an iterative process. There are no win or lose conditions, there is no ‘right’ way to play (although I suppose if you are perpetually getting blown up by Creepers, you are doing something wrong!), and the game is exactly and precisely what you want it to be.

A Brave New World

I had started a new world. I wanted to build the most elaborate mines ever created, but the first step was to build a safe and secure hideout on the surface. So I built a 5×10 living space over the course of three days (and nights). It started as a small 3×4 space, that I kept adding to till I got what I wanted. It was made entirely out of wooden planks, with sand acting as flooring. I eventually added a few glass cubes to the outer walls and converted a 3×6 section in the middle of the roof into glass as well, so I would always know when night had fallen.

I built a mine entrance in one of the walls, padded the outside of it with stone so it looked like a natural mine digsite, and dug diagonally down, lining the path with stone and wood steps, all the way to about a height of 15 or so above the bedrock. I have yet to encounter slimes in the world, but I didn’t feel like dealing with that nonsense just yet.

A few days later I saw a video of someone building a massive mob trap for anything around his house using a clever combination of directional water, lava and cactus traps, and glass dividers. I decided I eventually wanted to do the same and dug out a 2×2 area inside my house to create an infinite water supply point. Once that was filled, I though to myself, why not build an infinite lava supply as well that could double as an incinerator? So in the corner opposite the water supply point, I dug a 2×2 hole for lava. I took two buckets down into the mine and tapped a lava vein to bring back up.

Then I poured lava into the hole and thus started my worst night in MineCraft.

Darkness, Creepers and Fire

It was night time when I poured lava into that hole, not realizing that it was adjacent to wooden walls in the corner. A few moments later, as I had my back to the lava pool, putting new iron ore into the furnace for some hot, smelting action, I heard something sizzle and pop behind me. I turned around. The entire northern wall of my house was gone, only the glass cubes remained, and fire was quickly spreading both along the eastern and western walls. I had a ton of stone and sand on me from some excavation I had conducted just prior to sunset, so I quickly rushed to the spot and first plugged the lava hole.

By this point parts of the ceiling were on fire. As soon as I turned left to start replacing that wall and put out the fire by simply closing off the faces of the wood blocks that were aflame, I get hit in the chest by an arrow. A bow and arrow are hot-keyed to my “7” key, so I take that out, and machine-gun fire arrows at the skeleton till it goes down.

But now I have only two hearts left. The house is built so I can get to the ceiling by climbing on the mine outside. So I run out, hoping to avoid any more monsters and frantically try to climb up the side, only to realize that the base wooden blocks are burnt down, so I can’t get up on the mine. It doesn’t even occur to me to create a temporary set of stepping stones to get to the top. half of my house is gone and it’s the middle of the night and I am panicking. Of course that is when my speakers decide to announce the presence of a Creeper with a fateful “hissss” and the next thing I know, a big respawn button has appeared in the middle of my screen.

I respawn inside my house, and rush back out so I can recover everything I was carrying when I got ambushed by the bastard. There is a giant crater with my stuff strewn about every which way. I frantically gather up everything, including my diamond tools and a ton of accumulated diamonds that I intended to craft armor with. As I turn around in the hole to grab something else, I see a Creeper, perhaps six blocks from me, descending into the hole, coming straight at me. I panic-pedal backwards, but the hole is steep. I turn around to find a ledge to jump on to try and get away, and the Creeper explodes just as I get a three block advantage on him. I don’t die this time, but I get seriously maimed.

Of course as I come out of the hole with half a beating heart, I hear the tell-tale groan of  zombie and I die before I can even turn to trace the groan’s source. I respawn inside the house again, which is a relative term, since the house was effective burnt to the ground. But this time I open my blocks chest, extract two 64 piles of stone and a door and build a temporary shelter immediately around me, two blocks high, in the shape of a U, 3×2 blocks on the floor. I stand at one edge of the U, and place a door on the other edge. And then I just wait the night out.

Fortunately by the time it was daylight my stuff had not despawned, and I was able to recover a good bit of it, but that still remains one of the worst situations I have been in MineCraft, a horrendous ordeal I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

What has been your worst MineCraft memory?

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“Minecraft Old Spice Commercial” or “Funniest Video I Have Seen All Week”

May 5, 2011 3 comments

Hello Gamers. Look at your house, now back to mine, now back at your house, now back to mine. Sadly, it isn’t mine. But if you stop playing overrated FPS’ and started playing Minecraft, it could look like mine.

Look down, now back up. Where are you? You’re in a mine that you built with your own hands!

What’s in your hand? I have it. It’s a pickaxe made from stone. THE PICKAXE IS NOW DIAMOND. Anything is possible when you play Minecraft!

I’m on a pig.

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“Aaaaaand I am Addicted to Minecraft” or “Never Thought That’d Happen”

April 29, 2011 4 comments

So I am addicted to Minecraft now. I never thought that would happen. The game looks weird, the graphics looks straight out an alpha version of the original Doom. The mechanics sounded odd and there was no storyline, no rails on which to merrily travel and no “endgame scenario”. yet I am addicted. I can’t get enough, and I look forward to the next play session.

Here are a few things I love about Minecraft:

  • Even sitting at work, I am trying to build the logic gate circuits for fully automated minecraft subway system for my mining needs
  • Even though dying has no penalty aside from losing your inventory, the game is so well designed that I absolutely abhor dying.
  • I kept expanding my house by a little bit every few nights. Then I realized I needed to mine to get the better materials. So I build a tunnel with a glass ceiling to the nearest mountain for digging through it (took 8 in-game days). Then I realized that I could have stayed where I was and just dug down to the bedrock (which is allegedly 64 blocks below sea level) and I didn’t have to mine a mountain to do it.
  • Despite the realization above, I am in a new, carved-into-the-mountainside abode, merrily mining away underneath.
  • I don’t have a long-term goal with the game yet, and I am OK with that.
  • Yesterday, I build an extremely efficient mob trap around my house. Water streams from all around dragged mobs from up to 20 blocks away to a lava trap that killed them and transported the drops down a 1-block feeding passage into a trench built around my house, but covered completely, so even at night I could walk around it once in a while and collect leather, pork, bones, strings, gunpowder, and arrows to my heart’s content.
  • And finally, despite being some of the most unconvincing looking enemies, the Zombies in Minecraft give me the heebie-jeebies like no other digital Zombie ever has!
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