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“Resident Evil 6 Stole My Idea!” or “A Cool Spin on Endgame”

August 1, 2012 3 comments


Stop tryin’a kill me Bob!

Well they didn’t steal it. I have been thinking about a variation of this idea for a bit, but never really got a chance to wrap my head around it, much less put it into words. A new mode in the upcoming Resident Evil 6, called “Agent Hunt” will allow you to enter other players’ games, possibly as one of the infected, and try to kill them.

Imagine playing the game, not knowing if the next enemy you come across will behave predictably, as guided by the “smart AI”, or it will be an actual player, ducking, moving and behaving humanly, trying to flank you, trap you, and kill you. Now that is very, very, very cool! To ensure you don’t get trolled or completely caught off guard, you will be informed when another player enters your game (though you won’t know who or what he is), and you can also turn off the ability for players to enter your game if you want.

Now stretch this idea for a moment, and imagine if in MMOs, other players could enter your dungeon, take over the body of one of the monsters, and try to kill you. Now that would be some awesome MMO design!

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