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“Team Fortress 2’s Massive New Update” or “Giant Robots. With Giant Miniguns. That Fire Rockets”

August 15, 2012 Leave a comment


What a great time to be a gamer. Team Fortress 2, the now completely free-to-play war-themed hat-simulator from Valve is getting a major update: A third faction. Of robots. That you can Co-op against! WHAT?! That is bananas. I love Team Fortress 2, and Steam tells me I have clocked in over 200 hours into this game and if I might say so myself, I am pretty damn good at it. Team Fortress 2 is that rare “perfect” game, that has been balanced and honed over many years to craft an exquisite player experience (the new map Doomsday notwithstanding). So I never expected that they would actually take this big a step.



In addition, they have been teasing this for nearly two years now:



Then the comic was released, that finally featured the third of the Mann brothers, complete with his own sinister agenda. You can also download the comic as a PDF document. And finally, Valve used their own Source Filmmaker to make the official announcement. There is a third faction. It is made up of robots versions of the nine classes in the game. You can team Red and Blu up against said third faction.



It’s called the Mann vs. Machine mode. “United, we can fight the Metal Menace” claims Valve new Team Fortress 2 page dedicated to this update. Here are some cool facts:

  • Robots, when killed, explode in a shower of money. Said money can be used in Upgrade Station, which is exactly what it sounds like.
  • There are five canteens that provide different boots. Ubercharge gives five seconds of personal invincibility, Critical Hit Boost gives full critical hit power fopr five seconds, Ammo/Clip Refill is an instant ammo refill canteen, Return to Base ports you to home base, and Buildings upgrades helps get those level 3 buildings up in a jiffy.
  • All classes have various upgrades available to help fight the robot menace better. See spy link below, or visit this link for more info in each class.
  • There are two new maps, Coaltown and Mannworks.
  • The robots are based on the nine main classes, but they have sub-classes. Bowman is a sniper-bot that uses a bow and an arrow. The Sydney Sniper shoots Jarate coated darts.
  • The robots are trying to destroy facilities in the two maps. Some will be carrying bombs. the longer they are alive, the more powerful they get in stages. Stage 1 is a defensive buff, 2 is health regeneration and 3 is never-ending full critical hits. And yes, they stack!
  • There are robot giants.
  • There are robot giants.
  • One giant robot uses a massive minigun. That fires rockets.
  • Sentry busters are armored bombs on two legs that beeline for sentries.


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