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“How Much Bigger is Torchlight II?” or “A Handy Little Infographic”

July 25, 2012 2 comments

Via Kotaku, Runic Games have released an info-graphic to establish ow much bigger and better Torchlight II is than its predecessor. Click the image to enlarge it.

I also previewed Torchlight II for Hooked Gamers last months. You can check out that preview here.

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Quote of the Day: “Irony Personified” or “Practice What You Preach”

November 29, 2010 1 comment


Via Digg, I came across this little gem, Ten Games That Were Derivative But Still Rocked, from

Torchlight (Derivative of the Diablo games)

Torchlight is Diablo through and through,with some minor changes. It even looks the same. If Torchlight was released under the name of DiabloIII, it wouldn’t be hard to pass of as it. Yet still- who known anything about Torchlight? Most of you might not have even known a game called Torchlight existed before reading this- Torchlight surely deserves more. It is a really good, qualitative, addictive game, that deserves much more than just a “Diablo rip-off” tag.

Let me clarify a few things. First, I don’t have anything against I actually enjoy the content on the website. They actually seem to get selected for Digg top stories quite frequently, and they seem to be doing quite well, grammatical and structural errors notwithstanding. Kudos! Second, had it been any title other than Torchlight, (Werit can back me up on this), I probably would have ignored the redundant irony. But it is Torchlight, a gem of a game from the little studio that could. And I can’t just stay quiet about that now, can I?

Exhibit A:

  • The Title: “Torchlight (Derivative of the Diablo games)”
  • “Torchlight is Diablo through and through,with some minor changes.”
  • “If Torchlight was released under the name of DiabloIII, it wouldn’t be hard to pass [it] of[f] as [Diablo 3].”

Exhibit B:

  • “It is a really good, qualitative, addictive game, that deserves much more than just a “Diablo rip-off” tag.”

Uh… you know where you can stop this madness? Just a couple of lines up, you know, where you essentially call Torchlight a “Diablo rip-off!”

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“Weekly Crock Pot” or “APB, Moonlight, Torchlight, Red Dead Redemption, Ghost Recon, oh my!”

March 27, 2010 2 comments

APB Screenshots

The more I find out about this game, the more excited I get about this title. The truth of the matter is that APB is one of three MMOs I am excited about in a market that recently seems over-saturated either with shameless clones (I am looking at you Alganon) or disappointing novelty (*cough* Champions Online *cough*). The other two being The Secret World and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Click on the gallery below to check out the latest screenshots, courtesy Destructoid.

Vampire MMO

Via Massively, IGG has announced Moonlight Online, a vampire MMO. I suppose it was only a matter of time before the recent American obsession with vampires seeped into the MMO industry as well. I guess this one won’t have any day/night cycles! Oh well, at least it isn’t based in the Twilight universe. Right IGG? RIGHT?

It is slated for a late 2010 release. Considering it is almost April and we haven’t heard anything about this before, that sounds like a bad omen. Has Cryptic taught you nothing?

Light Your Torches for $5

Torchlight is on sale on Steam for a mere $5. If you still need a reason to buy this brilliant game, you are about as satiable as a Saudi Prince on Friday. You know that diet you have been thinking about? Don’t have your second Big Mac for today and buy it instead. ‘Nuff said.

Read Dead Multiplayer

Weeks before the release of GTA IV, it was announced that the game will have sixteen freaking multiplayer modes. Say what you want haters, but GTA IV multiplayer was a blast!

History repeats itself with Rockstar announcing that Red Dead Redemption will also feature multiplayer in a ‘surprising’ manner. What’s the surprise? Will there be cake? THE CAKE IS A LIE!

More details coming April 5th!

Ghost Recon Features Male Human level 80 Rogues

Just watch the trailer. It’s part cool, and part absolutely fucking ridiculous.

“Traversing Torchlit Trouble” or “Deliciously Designed Dungeons”

October 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Still waiting to try Torchlight?

I have played it for about eight hours since last night, and it is a nonsensical amount of fun!

Se7en reasons to try Torchlight:

  • It costs a mere $20. And even at that price, you can try out a demo here. The game recieved a solid 86% at Metacritic. The user score was even higher at 92% overall.
  • You can choose from one of three classes. But each class has three specializations, for a total of nine separate play styles.
  • You get a pet that fights for you, hits like a truck, has its own inventory, and you can teach it spells and used food to shapeshift it. The food you feed the pet comes from a fishing mini-game (among other things). But it is the simplest, most intuitive, most enjoyable fishing minigame ever designed for any MMO or RPG.
  • There is a level editor. It is the same set of tool used by the designers to craft the entire game. Let’s just say those $20 will undoubtedly get you a much longer shelf-life.
  • In 18 months time, the developers will release a free-to-play MMO version of Torchlight.


Se7en helpful hints for beginners

  • The game is too easy on ‘Normal’. Try ‘Hard’.
  • Your pet can pick up loot if you shift-click on it.
  • Your pet can also be sent back to town with an inventory full of stuff you want to sell automatically, so you can continue playing in the dungeons.
  • If you have an unidentified item, right-click an ‘Identify Scroll’ in your inventory, and left-click on the item.
  • Can’t use an item, but it looks like it might be good for an alt? The game comes with a shared vault system. Every one of your characters has access to it.
  • TnT barrels can be exploded from a distance, say if you are playing the Avenger class, to help expedite enemy deaths.
  • Shift+F9 takes screenshots. They are saved in the Torchlight install folder.
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“Twelve Days” or “Three Games”

October 22, 2009 5 comments

Werit’s post troubled me.

Life is busy. I am in the middle of a new launch at work, and it’s taking up 12-13 hours a day, at least 6 days a week. I am also writing extensively every day, something I enjoy immensely. I am playing Champions Online, World of Warcraft, EvE Online, and thanks to Syp, I may be starting a 14-day Fallen Earth trial as well. I would say I hate you Syp, but your kid is apparantly Yoda, and you just don’t mess with freakin’ Yoda.

nine-days-or-three-gamesThen there is Risen, Mass Effect (no I never played it before, yes I know that is gamer blasphemy) and an unhealthy obsession with the versus mode in Left 4 Dead to soak up my time.

That being said, I am getting increasingly and acutely aware of three RPG titles that are coming out in the coming nine days, and frankly, I have no idea as to when or how I will play them unless I learn to stay perpetually awake on Red Bull or the Chinese take over the world and enforce day cycles that are 96 hours long.

  • First and foremost, there is Borderlands releasing on October 26. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions are out already. There are more guns in the game than there are doves flying in slow-mo in a John Woo flick. And that, my friends, is an accomplishment. My infatuation with things that go boom aside, Borderlands looks slick, sly and full of attitude.
  • The very next day we get Torchlight. There are several reasons why this spiritual successor to Diablo may be the next best thing for the RPG genre. First, it’s cheap, just $18. You spend that at cheap dinner on a regular basis. I am sure this would produce more endorphins over the course of several hours instead of momentary relief from hunger pangs. (There is a fat joke in here somwhere, I know it.) Second, the game is randomly generated. Although you follow a pre-determined story arc, all the levels, monsters and even environmental puzzles are procedurally generated. Third, the game is single player, but an MMO will shortly follow. The MMO will also be available at the amazing low price of $0.00.
  • And last but most certainly not the least is the heavy-weight contender from Bioware, Dragon Age: Origins. Popular game outlets have been over-saturated with information, screenshots, concept art, origins videos, character bios, creature profiles, trailers and a breathtaking cinematic. Yet, incredibly, none of us can get enough of it. There is no doubt in my mind that all the bloggers and writers that write about RPGs and games in general will mysteriously disappear on November 3, 2009. That is the date Dragon Age: Origins gets released, and we relinquish our souls to the might and magic of Bioware yet again.

Imagine some sort of clever transition here.

Alec Meer is one of my favorite writers over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Most recently, he has been documenting his (mis)adventures in Risen. The Risen Report is now six episodes long, exquisitely detailed, annotated, and opinionated. His style of writing and the structure of The Risen Report has inspired me to document my own journey through one of these upcoming games.

Perhaps you can help me pick one?