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“MMO Revenues Around the World” or “They Call it World of Warcrack For a Reason”

March 11, 2010 2 comments

The images speak for themselves. I got this information from Develop Online, via Joystiq.

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“A Matter of Statistics” or “0.13% L33t!”

October 22, 2009 1 comment

Gear acquisition in contemporary WoW is considerably more complex than it was in vanilla WoW. Originally, you could get epic gear that was well crafted to suit your class only from 40-man instances. Since then, 5-mans, 10-mans, arenas, battlegrounds, quests, vendors, reputation rewards all give epic loot.

A question arises:

  • Is the ability to acquire epic loot from a plethora of different sources responsible for a decline in the pursuit of endgame content?

Tobold made an interesting post recently on his blog. According to Tobold, a mere 0.13% have cleared endgame content.The remaining 99.87% of the player population has not.

This in turn begs two other questions:

  • Is raid content in WoW really that hard?
  • Does it make sense for Blizzard to design content that statistically so few can master?

LarĂ­sa over at The Pink Pigtail Inn had a few interesting comments on the subject from another angle, which you can read here.

You be the judge.