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“Of Orcs and Men” or “My Review’s Preview”

Of Orcs and Men releases today. I finished my advanced copy and submitted my review over to my editor at Hooked Gamers earlier today. Here is a short sneak peak.

EDIT: The review is up now.

Of Orcs and Men is a story about betrayal and redemption, it is a story about desperate times, last stands, and acts of selfless valor. It is a story about two unlikely antiheroes, driven together by equal parts of vengeance, greed and fate. It is a story about facing your inner demons, embracing your flaws, and accepting your limitations. Of Orcs and Men, put simply, is one of the most engrossing RPG stories every told. I just wish they had spent some more time polishing it.

In many ways, it reminds me of the first iteration of Assassin’s Creed. It was repetitive, buggy, and it could have used polish on a lot of levels. However, they improved the formula and the next iterations only got better and better. I love the world they come up with in Of Orcs and Men, and I sincerely hope this review is taken as constructive criticism, that there is a next iteration, and that is significantly improved via all the feedback.

Look for the review on Hooked Gamers sometime later today!

  1. Psyber624
    October 12, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    Cyanide/Focus is notorius for buggy, unfinished games being pushed to market that never get their bugs fixed (even in updates). Check out Blood Bowl, for example. 3 expansions later and we are still dealing with critical bugs that have been in the game since day 1 and have never been addressed, even now several years later. This is a game from the same producers, from the same IP. I wouldn’t hold my hopes up on fixes coming soon, if ever.

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