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“Algalnon Expansion Delayed” or “This Abomination Still Alive?”

April 19, 2012 2 comments

Looks about right!

Anyone still remember the whole Alganon fiasco? Allow me to refresh your memory. After management changes, two separate launches, completely ignoring accusations of how it was a shameless WoW clone, and one of the worst PR campaigns in the history of video gaming, Alganon still stands. And apparently, an expansion was supposed to be released in the near future. What is it called? The Cruning Brusade?

Massively now reports that the team over at QOL is citing “unforeseen circumstances” for why the expansion has been delayed to the fourth quarter. The devs wrote the following in the April newsletter:

“After evaluation of the project, it was decided that more time was needed in order to do some critical bug fixes as well as to spend more time on certain areas and features of the expansion in order to do the best work possible.”

With me so far? But that is not the fun part. The fun part is that one player actually decided to give a blunt, and admittedly bleak evaluation of the state of affairs in Alganon.

First John4 says:

I swear at this point Derek is feeding you these news bites.

Anyway, Alganon, has a long and inglorious history. The problems (other than the current “the expansion is still due Winter 2011 as that runs into March 2012” quote that i *love* from DS) are tantamount to a few things that have been hashed, re-hashed, and microwaved over time.

Derek will mention all the stuff *he’s* done without really giving credit to Padreic and the people actually keeping Alganon a possibly-respectable game. As a current player and payer of MicroTransactions, and as a guild leader of one of the (maybe) three guilds still in game, we play despite Derek, not because of him. The team deserves the credit, not him. Regardless of his “i kept the company afloat” rhetoric.

I also recently learned he hired a PR firm for this new MMO-thing he is developing, and can say with unending confidence they aren’t doing their job. When the guy no one likes is making the majority of statements online about the game, you have failed as a PR company.

Go ahead. Look it up. It’s in the textbook. Page 126. I’ll wait…

At this point, Derek must realize how polarizing a figure he is. Most of my posts on the Alganon forums have been deleted despite me trying to support the game and being one of about 6 people still trying. When you censor your player base from any communication with the devs at all, it won’t end well. I *really* wish Alganon woudl have left itself in Padreic and the team’s hands instead of the dictator, but alas, we all can’t get want we want.

Thus, i’ve been off to another game of late. Good luck, and thanks for all the fish.


Then Derek actually responds:

One day, it is my hope that you will grow tired of posting this same rubbish everywhere you find me posting or talking about Alganon.

As to the giving credit, you must think that the people who developed the game did that in an isolated environment all on their own and with no direction, no planning, no funding. That’s particularly hilarious in and of itself. Especially when you consider the fact that for three years before I even got there, the game was an absolutely mess – as evidenced by the 2009 release. To where the game is now – more than two years later – what do you think changed? That’s right – me taking over the team, leadingĀ  it – and FUNDING it.

Stupid internet comments are just that. Stupid.

Yes Derek, stupid internet comments are pretty stupid. Head on over, grab some popcorn, and watch Derek (Not-So) Smart dig a hole that seems to have no finite depth!

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